“Everything Appears Normal”

2012 | A Force Majeure project co-presented with Performance Space and Carriageworks

Now I think I have pushed it all to the back of
my mind and I am amazed at times looking
around thinking gee everything looks so normal,
why does it look so normal when we know what
has happened? And I relax and think. Ah well
that’s over and then we get another jolt ”
— QuakeStories 2011

Artistic Facilitator: Kate Champion
Devised and Performed:
Ryuichi Fujimura, Venettia Miller, Gavin Clarke, Dean Cross, Anya McKee, Leeke Griffin, Danielle Micich, Jo Simons, Nancy J Wijohn
Lighting: Nicholas Rayments
Productions Assistants: Aimee Neeme and Kate Blackmore
Sound designer: Samantha Chester
Image: © Heidrun Löhr featuring Artists Danielle Micich, Gavin Clarke and Ryuichi Fujiruma

 Watch the video: