Im spiegel is poignant and sincere and the technique is gorgeous to witness.  We emerged into the still night, 45 minutes later, Nick Cave still running through our heads…a fitting soundtrack for ruminating on the experiences that create our own histories.  SeeSaw  – Varnya Bromilow

Concept and Direction Samantha Chester
Collaborator and Guest Artist Natalie Allen
Devised and Performed with the 2017 LINK DANCE COMPANY
Caitlin Gilchrist, Kishor Kumar, Aaron Llewellyn, Mani Mae Gomes, Lauren Cantellani, Cassady Mann, Sarah Hawkins, Sarah Haruta, Sarah Sim, Lauren Sherlock, Sasha Brampton
Lighting Design Ellen Sergeant
Production Manager Brooke Bverburg
Stage Manager Genevieve Applin
Photography Sonja Simonato

IM SPIEGAL is a work about memory, family and connection. It is a devised dance theatre work that puts the experiences of the dancers at the heart of the work. It is a space that is fleeting, that is shifting and one that questions the idea of recollection, permanence and the things that hold us emotionally.

The work was performed in the EDITH, WAAPA’s – Spiegal Tent.

I am almost never there, in these
old photographs; a hand
or shoulder, out of focus; a figure in the background,
stepping from the frame
I see myself sometimes, in the restless
blur of a child, that flinch
in the eye, or the way
sun leaks its gold into the print;
or there, in that long white gash
across the face of the glass
on the wall behind. That
smear of light
The sign of me, leaving
Robin Robertson