The Astronaut

The Astronaut



The Astronaut Trailer from sam chester on Vimeo.

This is what I remember
My heart squeezing shut and this place –
The lonely life of a lost lander”

Enter the wreckage of a woman, who for twenty-something years has not ventured outside. She is a shut-in. Driven indoors by her grief and fear of human contact she has surrounded herself with the things that provide her comfort – Elvis Presley songs and her collection of jigsaw puzzles. She is obsessed with the 1969 moon landing and watches it over and over again as a signpost of hope and possibility. She is stuck in time, chased by the ghosts of her past until an inevitable calling arrives.

This solo physical theatre piece celebrates the courage of the human spirit and its capacity to change. The Astronaut an intimate tale that looks at the choices we make and the seemingly impossible act of letting go.

SEASON  23 June – 9 July 2016
DURATION 50 mins
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Concept & Performer Samantha Chester
Director Frances Barbe
Lighting Designer Matthew Osborne
Composer Ekrem Mülayim
Designer Isabel O’Neill Dramaturge Julie-Anne Long
Publicist Alison Welburn
Stage Manager and Collabrator Tim Green

Image: Jessica Russell