Safety In Numbers

Safety In Numbers

Safety In Numbers from sam chester on Vimeo.

Safety In Numbers Riverside Theatres 9 – 12 April 2014
Director Samantha Chester
Composer Ekrem Mulayim
Set + Costume Design David Fleischer
Lighting Design Verity Hampson

Performers + Makers
Danielle Micich, Gavin Clarke, Anya Mckee, Simon Corfield, Leeke Griffin

Stage Managers Tom Royce Hampton + Matthew Cheetham

Safety in Numbers explores memory, aftermath, human geology and ideas of safety. Set in the aftershock of an earthquake, five people find themselves trapped together to wrestle with the possibility that this could be the end. Inspired by the true stories of disaster survivors, Safety in Numbers’ asks the question, who do you want to be at the moment of impact? Is it the money you have, the clothes that you wear or is it the small things in life, the intimate details, which make it rich and full of value especially when we know things are not built to last.

…carefully thought through and detailed….there are scenes in the production that stop you in your tracks”
— Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald | 3.5 Stars

Safety in Numbers: April 2014 Riverside Theatre


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